Do you have financing?

We do have financing available through banks and lenders. Meaning, we have outside financing. We can discuss it further with you what this means, but we do recommend trying to get your OWN financing/bank just because you'll get a better interest rate than with our people. WE HAVE NO PROBLEM trying just saying, you'll get a better deal on your own.

Do you do Buy Here Pay Here?

Certain vehicles with half down. Please contact us with more questions.

Do you accept cash?

YES! Yes we do, we also give deals on used cars if you come cash.

Can people outside of Lebanon buy used cars from you?

Yes of course! We have plenty of customers who come looking for used cars for sale that are from Indianapolis! We get people from Kokomo and even people out of state. I did not realize how far people will drive for a good deal but there are people out there, and we always appreciate you making the trip out to us!

Can we get the vehicle inspected before purchasing?

100 million times, yes! We have no problem with you taking extra time to check out the vehicle. The only thing we ask is your timeframe + to take it to an insured mechanic and not a backyard mechanic. You can bring anyone with you to check it out at the lot!